A De Sila – Sri Lanka

“I have had dental work done both here and abroad. Every time I went in, it hurt. Then I met Dr. Inayathullah. He assured me that it wouldn’t hurt, and, at first I was very nervous. But he was right! It was completely painless. I feel very grateful now, because I am not afraid to see the dentist anymore.”


Mohamed Ali – Malaysia

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Inayathullah, as a person and a dentist. I was terrified of going but once there, his office and he were very pleasant and comforting. Please use my name as reference.

Thank you – a very satisfied client.”


Danniella Moon – United Kingdom

“I am not a very easily pleased person, especially when it comes to my mouth. I have seen a number of dentists, and they all wanted to crown all my teeth or sell me something I didn’t need. Then I met Dr. Inayathullah. He was different. He listened to me, and only recommended what I really needed. And, his work was the best. I am very happy to recommend him.”


P Stewart – Ireland

“My wholehearted recommendation of you, Dr. Inayathullah. You have obviously chosen the right profession. Keep up the good work!”

Amanda Norman – USA

“I had a severe case of “dental phobia” until I met and was treated at the Dental Implant Center. A root canal was not my idea of meeting a new dentist, however before, during and after the treatment I was very comfortable and pleased with the results. All in all, the procedure was uneventful. Future cleaning, fillings, etc. will no longer be a concern.

Thank you, Dr. Inayathullah and Staff!”

Raj Dev – India

“Every experience I’ve had in the dentist’s chair has been miserable, until now. Dr. Inayathullah is the most compassionate dentist I’ve ever seen. He understands (and therefore can eliminate) fear and pain. The work he’s done on my teeth has been top quality. Add to that his ability to calm the nervous wreck in the chair and you have a combination of skills that can’t be beat. I’m no longer afraid, and that’s pretty much a miracle. I can’t recommend him enough.”